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HFC VTL Alumni and Student Success Information

Students in Animation, Telecommunications, and related disciplines are encouraged to take the Visual Effects Certificate while pursuing the Associate in Arts Degree. The Certificate is designed to be taken with a fall start for three sequential semesters. Because of equipment limitations and extended learning curves required for certificate software, 12 students move through the cycle at a time.


Parliament, Clawson
Postique, Southfield
Pixo Entertainment, Southfield
Stage 3 Studio, Warren
Speedshape, Bingham Farms
Pluto, Birmingham
Hot Buttered Toast Animation and Design Studio, Howell
Digital Image Studios, Farmington, Hills
Digital Design Village, Grand Rapids
La Driere Studios, Bloomfield Hills
Chimera Studios, North ville
Shadowbox, New Media Group, Pontiac

Name VTL Courses Completed Additional HFCC Degrees Transfer Degrees Employment
Lisa Dubicki 2009
Motion Capture Certificate
HFC Virtual Theatricality Lab
Andrew Skinner 2009
VFX & Telecommunications Student
Edwin Bawal 2009 Motion Capture Certificate HFC Virtual Theatricality Lab/ Idiosyncratic Studio
Stephen Johnson 2010 VFX & Telecommunications Student
Matthew Arnold 2010 Motion Capture Certificate Escape Artists, Inc.
Jennifer Ledbetter 2010 VFX & Motion Capture Student
Seann Lewis 2011 Motion Capture Certificate Lewis Renders & Seann Media Studio
Corrine Hawari 2011 VFX & Motion Capture Student
Steffen Hesse 2011 Motion Capture Certificate Director, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 3D Lab
Simone Summers 2011
VFX & Motion Capture Student
Michael Davis 2011 VFX & Telecommunications Student
Michael Peterson 2011 VFX & Telecommunications Student Dark Fortress Pictures
Michael Davis 2011 VFX & Telecommunications Student
Fawzi Yahya 2011 VFX & Telecommunications Student Pixo Entertainment
Jerry Jarvis 2011 Theatre & VFX Student Cinema Chicago
Jacon Manns 2011 VFX & Telecommunications Student
James LaLone 2012 VFX & Technical Theatre Student Ford Performing Arts Center
Nona Johnson 2012 VFX & Telecommunications Student
John Vaslkevich 2012 VFX & Telecommunications Student Western Michigan Starz Miami Productions-Miami
Eric Nehring 2012
Motion Capture Certificate
Jimmie Scott 2012 VFX & Telecommunications Student Cornerstone Television
Billie Mayberry 2012 Motion Capture Certificate
Mohamed Al-Mawla 2012 VFX & Telecommunications Student IMAM
Richard Joynt 2012 VFX & Motion Capture Student
Robert Chezick 2012 VFX & Telecommunications Student
John Stanley 2012 Non Mo Cap Certificate Student. Took VTL Performance Classes. Cinote Productions
Josh Cliff 2016
Nadel Hajaj 2016