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Dinosaurus! was presented to public audiences during the entire month of November, 2014. The show played for 28 sold-out performances and broke all box office and attendance records for the 30-year history of HFC's Theatre Arts Program. Below are the archives for

Video Gallery

Dinosaurus Promotional Media Version

scene 8 PreViz samples

scenes 8 sample.
This is previz, a technique in which digital technology
aids the planning and efficiency of shot
creation during the filmmaking process. It involves
computer graphics to create rough versions of the
more complex shots in a movie.

Scene 3a PreViz sample

scene 9 sample. This is Previz

scene 10 sample. This is previz.

scene 20-24 sample. This is previz.

scene 17-19 sample. This is previz.

scene 11-16 sample. This is previz.

scene 6-7 live rehearsal work-in-progress sample

scene 8 sample

scene 7 sample

scene 6-7 sample

scene 4 sample

scene 3 sample

Dinosaurus Promotional Educators Version

Dinosaurus Promotional Fall 2013