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Dance Projects

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MoCap Dance Duet Performance

This is a showcase from the Full Circle Dance Concert in 2011. Choreographer and Instructor Amy Guilmette introduces the live performance duet of student Justin Alesna and a "Humanoid" virtual version of his motion capture performance.

The piece is entitled "In Reference To Somewhere Between". Included in this clip is only first movement to the piece to demonstrate the motion capture duet.

Choreographer: Amy Guilmette
On Stage Dancer & Motion Capture Dancer: Justin Alesna
Camera Operators: Jacob Mann & Edwin Bawal
Performance Video Editor: Edwin Bawal
Motion Capture Technician: Alan Contino
Model: Humanoid, by Alias

Humanoid Dance

Dancer: Justin Alesna
Motion Capture studio technician: Alan Contino
Choreographer: Amy Guilmette
Model: Humanoid, by Alias

Robot Dance 2011

Motion Capture Dance performance by Carmela Adams

Motion Capture Studio Technician, Edwin Bawal
Motion Capture Data Cleaning, Lisa Dubicki
Motion Capture Retargeting & Final Scene Editing, Alan Contino

Model, "Robot Chick" created by Chris Dozier