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Production has commenced on the HFCC Virtual Theatricality Lab’s next show, Dinosaurus! by Edward Mast. Dinosaurus! is an entertaining and educational play with an ecological theme. The show examines what occurs when a team of oil explorers discover a colony of dinosaurs deep beneath the earth’s surface. The dinosaurs in this show are animated characters: they talk and are onstage as much as their real, human counterparts.

VTL Awarded 150,000.00 Technology Grant.

The Virtual Theatricality Lab has been awarded a 150,000.00 grant by The HFCC Technology Investment Committee. The Technology Invest Committee is an HFCC organization that awards funds to deserving projects that use technology in an innovation fashion.

This will allow the purchase of a HD 3D stereo projection system and rear projection screen. This will enable the VTL to produce its next show, DINOSAURUS! For information on DINOSAURUS, click the DINOSAURUS! button on the main VTL site menu.

The Virtual Theatricality Lab is One of a Kind By Larissa Babak, Mirror News, December 9, 2011

The Virtual Theatricality Lab is One of a Kind
The Virtual Theatricality Lab (VTL) combines Computer Generated Imaging with a live theatre production, where actors and actresses interact with virtual scenery, characters, and props. Through virtual reality and motion capture technology, actors transform into animated characters, and animated characters can interact with live actors onstage.

Veteran actor/stuntman Dan Lemieux shares his knowledge with Henry Ford Community College Virtual Theatricality Lab

News Summary: Henry Ford Community College is a leader in the nation with cutting-edge Virtual Theatricality Lab, has veteran Hollywood actor/stuntman on its faculty

By Kurt Anthony Krug

Dearborn, Mich. – Given his impressive background and experience in Hollywood as an actor and as a stuntman, artist-in-residence/consulting Faculty Member Dan Lemieux is an invaluable asset to the Henry Ford Community College’s Virtual Theatricality Lab (VTL).

VTL Spring and Summer Class Line Up


STH 264-Advanced Motion Capture Glaser/TWR/9:35-11:30 AM
A lab-based computer class dealing with the principles of Motion Capture Performance and Motion Capture Production. for use in Virtual Theatricality, Motion Pictures, Gaming, and Motion Studies. This course is the final sequence in the Henry Ford Community College Motion Capture Course Sequence.

STH 269-Cinematographic Special Effects for Stage and Screen/Glaser/TWR 11:40 AM-1:20 PM

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