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Visual Effects Certificate

Beginning fall, 2016, HFC's internationally famous Virtual Theatricality Lab will offer a 26 credit certificate for both stage and film artists interested in Visual Effects. Our program is comprehensive and interdisciplinary, using courses from our highly regarded Telecommunications and Art programs as well as VTL classes. For a complete description, see:

Required Core Courses
ART-108: Introduction To Animation
TCM-151: Digital Audio Editing
TCM-157: Digital Video Editing
TCM-251: Audio Production
TCM-257: Video Production I
VTL-150: Special and Visual Effects for Stage and Screen
VTL-235: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films
VTL-262: Introduction to Motion Capture

Elective Courses
Complete two from the following:
VTL-263: Intermediate Motion Capture
VTL-264: Advanced Motion Capture Application
VTL-265: Introduction to Motion Capture Body Performance for Stage
VTL-266: Green Screen Visual Effects for Stage and Screen
VTL-267: Stereoscopic Cinematography for Stage and Screen

Minimum Credit Hours: 26.0

A variety of career opportunities, as established by the Visual Effects Society (Industry Standard), are accessible with the skills developed in the VFX Certificate. Examples include:

Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator
Visual Effects Production Assistant or Production Associate
Visual Effects Editor or Assistant Editor
Visual Effects Previs Lead or Editor
Visual Effects Previs Sound Editor
Visual Effects Data Coordinator
Character Rigging Artist
Rigging Artist

Questions? Email or call: Dr. George Popovich, Henry Ford College, Dearborn, MI.; 313-845-6478.