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Welcome to the Dinosaurus! Research and Development Page. The purpose of this page is to keep you informed of our progress as we create this
unique and exciting work of art.

"There's a place down below where the dinosaurs live."
Looking for oil underneath Wisconsin, two geologists stumble on a lost world of dinosaurs. Are the humans the heroes? No: this story is told from the viewpoint of the dinosaurs, who must struggle to deal with the intrusion of these pushy, noisy, troublemaking little humans. The dinosaurs try everything to get rid of the intruders, until finally history repeats itself with a solution that at first seems tragic—but just wait.

Keep in Mind:

1. The images are projected on a 35' wide screen that covers the entire widith of the Adray auditorium stage. The screen is 18' high.
2. The images are projected in 3D and the dinosaurs appear to be next to the actors. The 3D stereo effect will make the dinosaurs appear 10’ from the closest spectator. The audience wears 3D glasses The audience sits onstage, creating an immersive environment.
3. The show is for children, 1st-5th grade.
4. The equipment for this show was made possible with a grant given the VTL (Virtual Theatricality Lab) in 2012 by HFCC's Technology Investment
Fund Committee.
5. The video clip from the rehearsal is to give you an idea of what the show will look like, but this is not the final product: we will paint the entire stage floor to
match the digital scenery and a small ramp (rake) extending from the stage floor to the screen will allow stage and screen to become one environment.
6. Hi-def digital 3D projection, audio and show control systems will be combined with special effects, such as wind, smoke, mist, SFX lighting and a surround sound system.
7. This is not a cartoon or a movie. Live actors will INTERACT with the 3D stereo screen images. This is "Virtual Theatricality."
8. The rehearsal video and rehearsal still images you see are not "Photoshopped" or "Greenscreen." They are from actual rehearsals of Dinosaurus! The other video clips are samples of the images that will be projected in 3D stereo. These include scenes that will contain live actors and scenes that will not contain live actors.
10. The show is part of our Theatre For Young Audiences Program: for the past 23 years 5000-6000 students a year have been bussed to HFCC by their schools to watch our Theatre for Young Audiences productions.
11. Age Suitability: This is a children’s show. Dinosaurus! has been performed all over the United States and is best suitable for elementary school children, grades 1-5. For information that will help you explain the "magic" of Dinosaurus! to your students or children, click here.
12. The show is presently scheduled for the 2014 production season.

Video Gallery

Dinosaurus Promotional Educators Version

Dinosaurus Promotional Fall 2013

Dinosaurus Promotional Media Version

scene 8 PreViz samples

scenes 8 sample.
This is previz, a technique in which digital technology
aids the planning and efficiency of shot
creation during the filmmaking process. It involves
computer graphics to create rough versions of the
more complex shots in a movie.

Scene 3a PreViz sample

scene 9 sample. This is Previz

scene 10 sample. This is previz.

scene 20-24 sample. This is previz.

scene 17-19 sample. This is previz.

scene 11-16 sample. This is previz.

scene 6-7 live rehearsal work-in-progress sample

scene 8 sample

scene 7 sample

scene 6-7 sample

scene 4 sample

scene 3 sample